Art Song

Your song we make a cool track,
in any style, rnb, ballad, gospel, jazz, dance, pop and so on.
lowest price $ 199

Audio clips

Turn your text into an audio track with speech, music, effects
it is good for any commercials, video, ads, music for the tale,
audiobooks, preaching.
lowest price $ 33.00

Lyrics for your songs

We will help you with the text in the song,
compose text for lyrical or modern incendiary songs.
$ 49,00

Our Philosophy

Become our customer NOW.
Make a request and you are guaranteed
to get a reliable partner in our face!
We do everything that our reputation remains immaculate.

Or we will refund your money! -->

Our Mission

We are not doing only soundtracks, but we connect talented musicians-customers with performers-professionals who are now at the peak of their careers and are active musicians scene of our country.

Information about the main arrangers and musicians-partners of our studio you can watch below.

What We Do

We produce any backing tracks: minus one of existing songs, minus one for art song with all components (arrangement, melody, lyrics), remixed minus one, minus one of orchestration, promotional audio clips

As well - use in recording audio tracks live performance party back-vocals, guitar, sax, trumpet, bass and other instruments.

Latest backing tracks

Asanda Jesile - Halo

  • Key:A
  • Backing vocals:+
  • Time size:1:59
  • Formats:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

L. Daigle - Light Of The World

  • Key:F#
  • Backing vocals:-
  • Time size:4:09
  • Formats:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

Kirk Franklin - You Are

  • Key:C
  • Backing vocals:-
  • Time size:3:53
  • Time size:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

M. W. Smith - All In The Serve

  • Key:B♭m
  • Backing vocals:-
  • Time size:3:14
  • Time size:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

L. Pavarotti - Tu, Ca Nun Chiagne

  • Key:Em
  • Backing vocals:-
  • Time size:2:42
  • Formats:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

Sammy Davis Jr- Rhythm Of Life

  • Key:Dm
  • Backing vocals:-
  • Time size:3:53
  • Formats:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →


  • Key:B♭m
  • Backing vocals:+,-
  • Time size:4:23
  • Formats:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

D. Brillant - Je T'aime

  • Key:F#m
  • Backing vocals:-
  • Time size:3:36
  • Formats:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

M. Legrand - Les Moulins

  • Key:Fm
  • Backing vocals:-
  • Time size:3:30
  • Formats:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

Händel Messiah - Hallelujah

  • Key:C#
  • Backing vocals:-
  • Time size:4:01
  • Formats:mp3, wav
BTUstudio listen demo →

Why Choose Us?


* Working remotely (online)
* Our 10+ years of experience arrangers
* Accept any payment methods
* Loyalty discounts up to 20%
* Ready to work on secure transaction
* Hands grow from it! of the arms

What guarantees

* Finalizing material for free
* 100% return money if the result not satisfied
* Additional requests for a nominal Payment
* Personal certificate in WebMoney
* 14 years of impeccable reputation


* We work with the entire planet Earth
* Low prices without compromising quality
* Record time (3-7 days)
* Covering all musical styles
* do not pretend to copyright or part of them.
All rights to music that gets the customer
belong exclusively to the customer. not distribute soundtracks that are produced for our customers.

A little more information

"NI" allows us to have the sound of hi-end


Native Instruments creates professional hardware and software for music production and DJing. Discover the Future of Sound!

Synths, sampled instruments, studio and creative effects, samplers, and cinematic tools.

Vladimir, Ukraine
Donetsk State Music Academy. Prokofiev.
Speciality - Musical art
Work experience:
Teacher computer arrangement of music in the school culture
Teacher of pop-jazz vocals in the music school

We are very pleased to regular customers.

Our customers are mainly from Ukraine, Russia and the United States. We plan to connect musicians in Europe and Canada. Many artists we support our work for many years. Even those who have not pursued a career musician, write to us about their experiences, memories, and just send in their home tracks for evaluation.

Our partners