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BackingTrackUkraine studio is an international project that helps in your performing and creative activities.
Partnership with us will allow you to fulfill your musical plans. We are happy to present wide range of services
that will help you to create vivid musical works.
We make accompaniment track of song. Musical accompaniment of song, or performance track, allows you to perform any favorite song on any stage..
Another option is the author's arrangement of your song. This means that you can send us your track with singing and text file with the chords and get quality accompaniment track for the concert or recording of your own album.
Also we make any arrangements of known songs, or to be more exact - new arrangement of song.
This will suit you if you want to make changes to accompaniment, or want to change style and voice, a set of tools and their party.
Another unique proposal - is to create song for your text. It often happens that remarkable poems never turn into a song, or when creative person has no musical education
or experience of creating music, appears a new conceptual vision of the musical style and direction.
Taking this into account we propose - writing songs with following arrangement. As in all previous cases, you get high-quality accompaniment track of the song that you or your vocalist can perform.
We would like to note that we can offer you a variety of genre - Pop, Pop Rock, Acid Jazz, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Disco etc... and even
a new, unique style of the work.
Over 14 years of work in the field of music composition and arrangement, BackingTrackUkraine studio created hundreds of arrangements, and became a parent of dozen combinations of original styles of music.
If you like to do any of the above, please feel free to make an order that will be completed in a few days (3-6), and you will receive a confirmation letter in your mailbox. There you will get link where you can download the order. We have performed more than 300 Internet orders for our clients from different countries: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and U.S.A.
We are experienced, and will use every opportunity to leave you satisfied with our work. Prices for accompaniment tracks, booking arrangements and songs can be found on the "Our Services", read the forms of order and you can pay at the "Order".

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Master-class in Kiev,
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Akihiko Shindo

2011 , Kiev, ua

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and Radio Fair 2011

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