We have 17 years of experience in arranging and recording,

and know what you want.

Hello! You are present on the site that represents the international online project of the recording studio Jazzcompozitor.

Our goal is to participate in your performing and creative activities. Our cooperation will allow you to realize your musical plans, and for this it offers the necessary range of services to create vibrant musical tracks.

First thing what we offer to you: creation of a minus soundtrack of a song.
Musical accompaniment of a song, or in another way, an accompaniment track will allow you to perform favorite song at any concert venue.

Our next suggestion is to arrange your own song. It means that you can send us a track with your singing or a text file with chords and get high-quality accompaniment track for live performances or recordings own album.

Next is the arrangement of any famous song or, for a more precise definition - rearrangement of a song. This offer will suit you if you need to make changes in accompaniment, if you need to change the style and sound, set instruments and their parties.

The next rather unique suggestion is - create a song to your text. Often it happens that wonderful poems never turn into a song. Or, then creative person who does not have a musical education and experience in creating music, have conceptually new vision of his musical style and direction appears. In view of this, we have introduced a service such as composing a song (to order) with subsequent arrangement. As in all previous cases, you get high-quality accompaniment track, under which you can perform a song yourself, or your vocalist.

We want to note that you can offer a variety of styles - Pop, Pop Rock, Acid Jazz, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Disco and so on ... and even offer a whole new, unique track style.

For 17 years works in the field of composition and arrangement of music, studio Jazzcompozitor has performed hundreds arrangements and became the parent of a dozen original combinations of music styles. If one of our offers suits you, you can safely make order that will be completed in a few days (3-6), after which you will receive a finished high-quality track.

Only within framework of one internet project of our studio, we completed more than 1000 orders for our online clients from different countries: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Estonia, America. Therefore, guided by this experience, we use every opportunity so that you satisfied with our work.

Latest certificates

2013, Kiev, ua

Master class in Kiev,
senior Piano Technician
Akihiko Shindo

2011, Kiev, ua

Kiev international TV
and radio exposition 2011

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